Knockerball Hampton Roads is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business based out of Virginia Beach. We proudly serve the ENTIRE Coastal Virginia footprint.

Here at Knockerball Hampton Roads, we constantly strive to answer the needs of customers in our area of operations. Over the last 6 years of operations in Coastal Virginia and the 757, countless times we have referred business to other local ice cream trucks and ice trucks in the area. We decided to bring this into existence within our portfolio in 2022. Hampton Roads is a Beach Area. There is nothing better than gathering with friends and making experiences on the waterfronts. Nothing makes that even better during our "Beach Season" than Shaved Ice!!

Whether you want the Snowie757 Van to come to your place of Work, Church, School or Run a route through your neighborhood or HOA, we are just a phone call away. See more at !!

We have a variety of Pricing Scenarios to discuss that might work better for YOUR Event. Please reach out with any questions to 757-500-2433
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Knockerball Hampton Roads is an independent operator and subsidiary of and registered license trademark of Knockerball
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